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  • What are the Ministries of BHIM®?
  • What is Apologetics?
  • Who is an Apologist?
  • Why Train Students to be Apologists?
  • Who is Bob Hartman?
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What are the Ministries of BHIM?

  • Sponsoring on-site training in apologetics -- BHIM® offers training in Nashville, Tennessee. For information about on-site seminars, contact BHIM®.
  • Offering apologetics seminars for Churches and campus ministries -- BHIM® sponsors seminars in Christian apologetics both in the United States and abroad.
  • Sponsoring humanitarian aid trips to Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

What is Apologetics?

To begin with, a definition of apologetics is important. Apologetics is the presentation of the truth claims of the Christian faith as found in the Scriptures. These truth claims are presented in a way that shows how they meet the deepest needs of individuals. Christian apologetics shows that Biblical faith is the only approach to life that matches reality and that works when applied to life.

So who is an apologist?

Apologists are people who are deeply committed to what they believe and are always ready to explain these beliefs to others. Christian apologists are those whose lives have been so radically changed by Christ that they cannot help but bear witness to the transformation that has taken place. Apologists listen carefully to those around them to understand others' deepest needs and questions. Apologists then show others how God, as revealed in the Bible, can meet their needs and answer their questions.

True Christian apologists approach others not from a position of superiority, but from a position of love and authentic, sacrificial self-giving. Because Christian apologists have experienced the life-changing power of Christ, their deepest desire is to share Christ with others so they too can know Him in a personal way.

Why Train Christians to be Apologists?

First, because the Bible clearly tells us to be ready to share Christ. Christ directly commissions us to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). The Apostle Paul tells us to pass on what we have been given to faithful witnesses (2 Timothy 2:2).

Second, we have a whole world to reach for Christ. We live in a world community where many different approaches to life compete for a person's allegiance. We need to train committed Christians to be apologists, so they are equipped to move into the marketplace of the world ready to bear witness to Jesus Christ.

Who is Bob Hartman?

Bob Hartman has a unique background. He has served as pastor, campus minister, denominational leader, pastoral counselor, and mission strategist. Because of his own questions, as well as the questioning he has heard from others, he has developed a keen interest in Christian apologetics. Through his study, he has come to the conviction that the Christian faith has the only authentic answers to the probing questions asked by people today. He strongly believes that the questions asked about Christianity can and need to be openly and honestly answered in a clear way.

Bob lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Sandy, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. They have two adult children and four grandchildren.

How can I reach BHIM?
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