How You Can Become Involved

Prayer Partner
banner6The greatest need of BHIM® is for prayer partners. Currently people across the United States are praying for the ministry of BHIM and the people whose lives are being changed through it. We at BHIM ask you to join us as a prayer partner. To do so simply contact us by clicking here and request to be added to the email prayer list. BHIM® believes that a prayer partnership is a two-way relationship. Therefore, the BHIM® staff requests that you send your specific prayer requests back to BHIM®.

Volunteer Partner
To accomplish the ministry God has given BHIM®, many volunteers are needed. Volunteers can do a variety of things, including helping prepare for the apologetics seminars and ministering both in America and abroad. If you feel called to use your talents and abilities to teach apologetics and/or to help with a number of related ministries, click here.

Financial Partner
Like any successful endeavor, BHIM® has many financial needs. Meeting these financial needs allows BHIM® to reach more people. To make cash contributions or give other financial assistance, click here. Listed below are specific ways to become involved financially.

PayPal, Credit, or Debit Card
Feel free to use the below button to make a payment through PayPal or Debit/Credit card. If you wish to allocate funds for a specific project, please use the PayPal Option and include a note or description of the fund allocation.

Giving Gifts Through Cash or Check
Support BHIM® -- Income tax deductible
Mail checks to BHIM®, P.O. Box 210203, Nashville, TN. 37221

Giving Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds
Major impact for BHIM®
Eliminates capital gains tax
Income tax deductible for you

Including BHIM in Your Will, Living Trust, Life Insurance, or Retirement Plan
Provide for your family and the long-term ministry of BHIM®
Wise stewardship of your (God's) belongings and assets
Your charitable gifts will help BHIM® hold apologetics seminars and expand the ministry across the world. Please consult your financial and tax advisors about how these gifts will help you.

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