On-Sight Apologetics Training
Are you looking for an opportunity to provide your students with a meaningful trip that includes training in Christian apologetics? If so, BHIM® has just what you need. On-site training in Nashville, Tennessee, is offered for campus and church groups. This training can be combined with a mission trip or sightseeing. The training can be for a weekend or longer. The on-site training can be customized to meet your students' needs. Seminar options include:

  • Effectively Sharing Christ on Campus -- This seminar is designed to give your students a biblical basis for sharing Christ with their peers. Emphasis is place on establishing authentic relationships. Students are taught how to dialogue with their friends and how to answer their friends questions about the Christian faith.
  • Walking with the Father: A Seminar on Prayer -- This is a very practical seminar with an emphasis on knowing God and walking daily with Him. Different aspects of prayer are studied, including praise and thanksgiving, intercession, confession and petition.
  • General Training in Christian Apologetics -- This seminar prepares students to dialogue with their peers about Christ with gentleness and respect. When students finish the seminar they will be better equipped to answer their friends' questions about Christianity.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the worldviews encountered on campus
  • Knowing how to answer the claim that all morals are relative
  • Mastering First Principles of Knowledge
  • Understanding and relating to followers of other religions
  • Helping friends evaluate their worldviews
  • Explaining to peers how you know there is a God
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